Urban Assembly Gateway
2015 - 2016
A mix of different print projects done for the Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology.

UAG Banner Design - 2015

UAG Banner Application - 2016

UAG Cooking Club Poster - 2016

UAG Certification Graduation & Potluck - 2016

UAG Banner Design | 2015 - 2016​​​​​​​
I was commissioned along with two other students to create a banner that would give visitors an easy understanding of what the school stands for. With a focus on simplicity, I had used space and color to emphasize the ideas of the school. It would then later be printed and mounted in 2016.
UAG Cooking Club Poster | 2016​​​​​​​
A commissioned poster done for the school's competitive cooking club. Using a general description of what the club wanted, I had designed a graphic based on what the club would be doing with copy that aligns to the school's branding guidelines.
UAG Certification Graduation & Potluck | 2016​​​​​​​
A commissioned poster that promotes the International Potluck at UAG and the Microsoft Certification Graduation. Provided with a general description of the events and copy for the poster, I had designed with the idea of merging two different events in one presentation.
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